People over Profiles


J U L Y 2nd 
I’m blogging everyday for the month of July, sharing what I learn about what it means to be a steward of time. Time is so precious. This series is a personal experiment where I hope to get a better look into where I invest my time, and how I can better shape my life to serve God through my actions, words, and priorities. Look up the tag “July series” to view each post. 

Making healthy meals (quinoa salad, oh my taste buds sing). 
Completing a math assignment & doing what I call “computery things” (emails, scanning documents etc.) 
A beautiful drive to school for class 
Reading Texas by James Michener, an absolute beast of a book!

Rest & enjoyment:

Spending time with family outside, watering plants, reading, drinking iced tea
Writing a new song on the guitar. Music is so healing. I usually start by humming a tune, then add words, and finally fit it in chords on the guitar and the rest of the lyrics 

Take aways: 

1) It’s difficult to restrict time on social media. I would flip open instagram, and the next thing I knew I was looking through pictures for ten minutes. I never realized how distracting this was before! I love catching up with friends over instagram and vsco cam, but WOW, can it suck me in and time starts to fly. 

2) Talking to someone new is never a waste of time. As I was walking into school this morning, I passed a girl I recognized from my class. I said hello and we started chatting as we walked through the hallways. It turns out she was sitting in the back by herself really struggling with the material. I’m a huge advocate for talking to people in spite of the fear of rejection. Everyone wants to be talked to, but it takes guts to do it first! This was something I learned in my first year of University, and I’ve never looked back. 

So, July 2nd, thank you for teaching me that you really mean business when it comes to hot weather. But more importantly, thank you for teaching me that social media can never replace face-to-face relationships and that my time should be more invested in people, not their profiles.