look in the mirror, and I see you

 At 3 pm today, my mom’s silver car drove into the school parking lot. I hopped in, thoroughly not surprised to see groceries piled up in the back seat. I thought I smelt something sweet, something with hints of floral. I pushed the thought aside while chatting about the day’s events: tests, tutoring, and a daily dose of amazingly awkward moments. It’s an unavoidable part of the high school package, friends. And once you realize that, it becomes quite enjoyable. 😉 Once we were parked in our garage, my mom quickly revealed the em, more, uh, flowers she *couldn’t resist* that filled every square inch of the trunk. I love my mom’s love for flowers. I love how happy she gets with a new hanging basket, potted hydrangeas, wildflowers on the dining room table. I love how she’s passed her love down to me. 

Much love, Vivi