Fabulous Food & Flowers

The heat of summer has set in. With longer days and veggie markets selling tempting herbs and fresh ingredients, I have found myself wanting (on an almost daily basis…) to create something mouth-wateringly delicious. Some of my recipe choices have been healthy (chili, spiced Indian spinach with paneer, veggie soups), but alas, most of the healthy recipes have gone un-photographed. So, I present to you a collection of the not-so-healthy goods that have satisfied the taste buds of many human beings (myself included). But of course, a post without flowers would hardly be appropriate, so enjoy the vibrant blooms that have helped make our new house a home!

First up, a strawberry custard tart that I made for a close friend’s bridal shower. My friend loves to make mini strawberry custard tarts, so I decided to make an intense version for us to devour. 🙂 

Much to my (and my mom’s) absolute joy, the veggie market located a quick one minute walk away sells the most amazing selection of fresh flowers. AND at a reasonable price. This has been fantastic, but also makes it challenging to not purchase a new flower every day when I walk past! The lilies above are from our back garden, and the gerbera daises are from said veggie shop.
A cup of coffee on the deck as the morning light sets in. I love this. Simplicity and serenity in one. 
For my 23rd birthday my brother made this incredible black forest trifle. Wow, just looking at it makes me drool! 
A quiet moment in the house. Mom had just finished arranging her latest flower purchase, Dad enjoyed music on his phone, and my brother cozied up on the couch studying (sneak peek on the far right – haha!)
One of my favourite things to bake is granola. This particular recipe is laden with seeds (pumpkin seeds, especially!), all kinds of nuts, and a healthy handful of coconut. Air fresheners are one option, but the aroma of freshly baked granola is hard to beat!
Yay – a healthy recipe caught on camera! For dinner a few nights ago I made a creamy zucchini soup and a herb bread ring. Although the dinner was a hit, the almost 30 degree weather made iced drinks necessary! 
You know those treats at coffee shops you always ooh and ahh at through the glass window and never purchase? Well, cinnamon streusel coffee cake is that for me. So! I decided to whip up a full tray of the stuff. The recipe turned out so well, with a light and fluffy vanilla cake wonderfully complemented by a light cinnamon crunch.  
A house starts to feel like a home when the flowers are happy. How I love hydrangeas! If any of the aforementioned recipes make your mouth water, leave a comment below and I’d be happy to share the recipe. Happy summer time, friends! I hope your days are filled with color, joy, and a mixture of health & decadence. 

Much love, Vivi